Build Cross Browser HTML5 Forms With jQuery Tools


jQuery Tools is a collection of very useful jQuery powered UI components. Its latest version contains several enhancements to its existing UI components: Tabs, Tooltip, Scrollable and Overlay. But the most importantly it now enables you to create cross browser forms with support for date input type, range input type and validations introduced in HTML5.

jQuery Tools allows you to write HTML5 standard markup, without any hacks or tweaks. Your form will work on all major browsers even in IE6. However when JavaScript is turned off Opera which provides best native support for HTML5 forms will display its native components, other browsers will degrade to normal text fields.

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Pajinate: jQuery Pagination Plugin


Pajinate is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to divide long lists or areas of content into separate pages. It provides an easy alternative to server-side implementations, when the amount of data is of reasonable size; another good thing is that there is no load-time between pages.

Pajinate is really easy to implement and requires very simple markup. You can customize the look and feel of your paginated area completely with CSS; and it also provides several configuration options enabling you to customize it even further.

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Increase Size of Click Targets With BigTarget


BigTarget is a simple easy to use jQuery plugin that enables you to easily increase size of a click target. You can use this plugin to get more call-to-action conversions on “title, thumbnail, short summary, more link” pattern. BigTarget is a cross browser plugin that works in all major browsers.

Adding BigTarget functionality to your site is straight forward. First include the plugin code in the head of your document, and then when the page is ready, attach the bigTarget function to the target anchor; BigTarget will do the rest.

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Really Useful Tutorials You Should Have Read in April 2010


This update covers really useful tutorials, tips and techniques that you should have read in April 2010. Featured publications include: Smashing Magazine, Nettuts+, jQuery for Designers, Papermashup, Impressive Web, 456 Berea Street, CSS-Tricks, Web Designer Wall, WPBeginner, Line25, Tutorialzine, Codrops, Tutorial9, Onextrapixel, Six Revisions, The CSS Ninja, AcrisDesign, Ahmed The Geek, AddyOsmani, Kadavy, Bluefaqs, Soh Tanaka, Cats Who Code, The Odin, Justin Tadlock and WebRaptor.

Featured authors include: Roger Johansson, Ashley Ford, Louis Lazaris, Inayaili de Leon, Remy Sharp, Chris Coyier, Nick La, Burak Guzel, Siddharth, Justin Tadlock, Alex Denning, Chris Spooner, Martin Angelov, Mary Lou, Ryan Seddon, Kyle Robinson Young, Christian Heilmann, Vikas Ghodke, Kean Richmond, Ahmed Hussein, Addy Osmani, David Kadavy, Shawn Ramsey, Soh Tanaka, Jean-Baptiste Jung, Bogdan Pop, and Philip Beel.

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Create Standards Based Forms With ValidForm Builder


ValidForm Builder is a open source PHP and JavaScript library that simplifies creation of standards based web forms. It also helps you to validate form fields, both on client and server side. It requires PHP 5+ and jQuery, and works in all major browsers (Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+, Safari 2+, Chrome).

ValidForm Builder implementation is not very difficult, however you need to be familiar with PHP in order to use it. You basically need to create an instance of ValidForm object (in PHP), and add fields, validation rules and submit button to it. ValidForm builder will take care of generating standard compliant markup and add validation rules for your form.

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Simple UI Kit For Desktop Like Web Applications


UKI: Simple UI Kit is a JavaScript based rich view component framework that can be used to create full desktop like web applications or just components inside a web page. It does not require any markup or CSS, all interfaces are build with JavaScript. UKI will manage focus, selection, scrolling, layout, events for you. It is cross browser and works with IE6+, Opera 9+, FF 2+, Safari 3+, Chrome.

UKI is ideal if you are comfortable with JavaScript; but it is also fairly easy for JavaScript beginners to play with. All you need to do is include UKI file in your page and then add your script to add views, layouts, models and controllers. If you only need to use one or more of its UI components in you web page you can attach a widget to any div by using widget’s attachTo() method.

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SimpleSlide is a lightweight jQuery plugin for creating slideshows. Some of its features include: ability to add any type of content in the slide window,  provides status display that configures itself, supports full screen display and swipe functionality.

SimpleSlide is easy to setup and only requires you to used nested “divs” with specific class names and “rel” values to group various slides together. It also provides few configuration options to customize the animation speed, size of the status element, and status bar colors.

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jCoverflip: Highly Customizable Content Slider


jCoverfilp is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create highly customizable featured content sliders. It provides you with extra control over your slider component with functions to customize the styling and animation for items to the left and right of the current item. jCoverfilp is cross browser plugin that works in all modern web browsers.

jCoverfilp requires both jQuery and jQuery UI library to work, and is easy themeable. The default installation uses a clean style that can be updated with ease.  All aspects of jCoverflip are customizable through the API, including: colors, fonts and styles, animation speed and number of items.

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Split List Items Into Columns With Easy List Splitter


Easy List Splitter is a useful little jQuery plugin that provides an easy way to divide your list items into columns. It will get your list, wrap it into a container div, generate as many lists as the number of columns you require and evenly split the list items into the different list elements.

Implementation is really straight forward; you just need simple ordered or unordered list, and then target it using any jQuery selectors. Easy List Splitter does not set any CSS rules or column widths; it simply generates clean and valid HTML code that you can style as you wish.

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Piecemaker: 3D Flash Image Rotator


Piecemaker is an open source free Flash based component enabling you to create really cool image rotator with 3D slice effects. It uses the Tweener engine, which makes it support several tween types for the transitions, such as Cubic, Bounce or Elastic.

You don’t really need to be a Flash expert to use or customize Piecemaker. You can easily specify all your settings and images through external XML file. You can also define the appearance in terms of font-family, font-style, color, etc. in an external CSS file, making customization really easy.

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