Style Form Buttons Unobtrusively With ButtonReplacement.js


ButtonReplacement.js is an unobtrusive and almost codeless way to give the ordinary html buttons (<input type=”button | submit | reset” /> and <button type=”button | submit | reset”>…</button>) cool looks and appeal and yet keep their native functionality – click event, keyboard support, etc.

ButtonReplacement.js can be easily integrated in different sophisticated scenarios without any modifications to the code. The full paid version of ButtonReplacement.js comes with a set of 12 predefined skins, while the Lite version, which is available for a free download is shipped with three skins. It works with all major browsers, with a small glitch due to the poor support for png alpha channel in IE6.

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Elastic CSS Framework – Easily Make Elastic, Fixed & Liquid Layouts


Version 2.0 of Elastic CSS framework has just released. Elastic is based on the printed layout techniques of 4 columns but allows to you create unlimited column combination and also make elastic, fixed and liquid layout easily. It provides a declarative syntax language to define the layout structure and behavior.

Elastic lets you to handle liquid, fixed, and elastic layouts, and even mix this techniques in the same layout. It provides a set of helper classes, to accomplish hard things by pure CSS like: same-height, full-width, and vertical-center. Other important features include: unlimited nesting, integrated clear fix, unobtrusive with absolute positioning: no hidden or auto on clearfix, same height columns, vertical and horizontal center. Read the rest of this entry »


GalleryView – A jQuery Content Gallery Plugin


GalleryView aims to provide jQuery users with a flexible, attractive content gallery that is both easy to implement and a snap to customize. It is capable of displaying any HTML content in an animated gallery view. GalleryView consist of Panel (you can add image, HTML or iFrame), Overlay (to display description), Frame (individual thumbnail for each item in the gallery), Filmstrip (collection of frames) and Caption (brief description about each frame – displayed on mouse over).

GalleryView supports themes and comes bundled with two themes: for light and dark colored galleries. GalleryView requires the jQuery Timers plugin to facilitate timing of animation events. You can also use jQuery Easing plugin to create a smoother filmstrip animation.

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Lighter.js – Syntax Highlighting For MooTools


Lighter.js is a free syntax highlighting class powered by MooTools. It takes advantage of many of the Framework’s features. Using it can be as simple as adding a single script to your webpage, selecting the elements you wish to highlight, and Lighter.js takes care of the rest.

All browsers supported by MooTools are compatible with Lighter.js including Safari 2+, Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, and Opera 9+.

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SlickMap CSS


SlickMap CSS is a simple stylesheet for displaying finished sitemaps directly from HTML unordered list navigation. It accommodates up to three levels of page navigation and additional utility links – and can easily be customized to meet your own individual needs, branding, or style preferences.

SlickMap CSS streamlines the web design process by automating the illustration of sitemaps. It comes with a stylesheet files and images for corners and lines.

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Accessible, Cross Browser Charts & Graphs from Table Elements


jQuery Visualize Plugin provides a simple method for generating bar, line, area, and pie charts from an HTML table using HTML 5 Canvas, and allows you to configure them in a variety of ways. Plugin has been tested to work in IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3.5, Safari 3 and 4, Opera 9.

Creating charts with jQuery Visualize plugin is pretty simple. First, you’ll need to create table markup; use a caption element to summarize the table data. This will be used by the visualize plugin to create a title on your graph. Define table headings using th elements, letting the script know which cells it should use as the titles for a data set. Now that you have your HTML table, you can generate a chart. Just attach jQuery and visualize plugin’s JavaScript and CSS files to your page, and call the visualize() method on the table.

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MegaZine 3 – Powerful / Opensource Pageflip Engine in AS3


MegaZine 3 is a powerful pageflip/flashbook engine written in AS3. It offers many features, ranging from dynamic page loading to a fully integrated zoom and gallery mode. MegaZine 3 uses a dynamic approach, allowing full configuration through an external XML file. This makes it easy to set up books even if you do not even own the Flash IDE.

MegaZine 3 is easy to use, since you can perform full configuration through an XML file; however advanced users can also use its API to use the classes directly for even tighter integration or interaction with their own work. Everything is very well documented and a support forum is also available for further assistance.

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Oomph – A Microformats Toolkit


Microformats are about enhancing the web, representing data in HTML and moving that data around. Oomph: A Microformats Toolkit is for web developers, designers and users, making it easier to create, consume, and style Microformats.

Oomph is an amalgamation of applications: an Internet Explorer Add-in built in C++ that finds Microformats on a page; a cross-browser HTML overlay built using JQuery that aggregates Microformats; a set of beautiful CSS styles for Microformats; and a Windows Live Writer plug-in written in WinForms for inserting hCards. And, the entire project is up on Codeplex, ready for community contribution and extensibility.

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Create Your Free Avatar With Face Your Manga


Face Your Manga is an online service  that allows you to create unlimited number of Avatar for your self or your friends absolutely free. The process of creating your Avatar is fairly simple: You customize the look of your Avatar using Flash based online application, once you are done you enter your email address and receive JPEG file in your email.

Your free Avatar is in low resolution JPEG format, but perfectly fine for online use on: MSN, Skype, AOL, blogs, forums, Twitter, etc. You also have the option of purchasing high resolution print quality copy of your Avatar via PayPal.

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Detect Support For CSS3 & HTML5 With Modernizr


Modernizr is a JavaScript library that helps you take advantage of CSS3 & HTML5 while still maintaining a fine level of control over browsers that may not yet support these new technologies. It uses feature detection to test the current browser against new features, providing an easy way to fallback in browsers that don’t yet support them.

Modernizr detects support for: Canvas, RGBA, HSLA, border-image, border-radius, box-shadow, Multiple backgrounds, opacity, CSS Animations, CSS Columns, CSS Gradients, CSS Reflections, CSS Transforms and CSS Transitions.

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