MooFlick: MooTools Plugin To Display Flickr Feed Images


MooFlick is a simple Mootools plugin to grab and display the latest images from Flickr JSON feed. It can grab specified number of the latest images, resizes and displays on page with visual effect. Optionally you it can styles and rotates images to look like small Polaroid previews. MooFlick is cross browser plugin and has been tested in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE 7+.

MooFlick is fairly easy to implement – you simply instantiate MooFlick and give it the id of the target container (usually a div) and your Flickr id. You can customize basic styling with CSS. It also allows you to specify number of images, rotation, size reduction and delay between adding each image to the page via confgiuration options.

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Easily Integrate Twitter Services With jTweetsAnywhere


jTweetsAnywhere is a jQuery Twitter Widget that simplifies the integration of Twitter services into your site. You can use it to display tweets from users’ feeds and users’ lists, show results from a Twitter search, integrate a customizable TweetBox, let your visitors follow you directly from your site, handle secure authentication with Twitter, etc.

jTweetsAnywhere also provides support for Twitter’s @Anywhere features like Hovercards, Tweet Box, Follow Button, etc. You needto register your application and obtain an API key in order to use these features.  Note these are optional features supported by jTweetsAnywhere, if you don’t need these features you can use rest of the features without having to register with Twitter for API key.

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WordPress 3.0 Features Every Theme Developer Should Know


WordPress 3.0 RC2 is now available for download; this means that final version could be released any day now. This release will mark a new milestone in WordPress history, with several exciting new features including: multiple sites, custom menus, custom post types and a new default theme.

Like our coverage of WordPress 2.8 and WordPress 2.9; this article highlights important enhancements in WordPress 3.0 and provide links to some really useful resources.

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Create Lightbox From DOM Elements With Lightbox-Me


Lightbox-Me is a jQuery plugin that lets you create lightbox from any DOM element in the page. Based on very simple concept, it is lightweight , and very useful. It is cross browser plugin that works in all major browsers including: IE 6+, Firefox 2.5+, Safari, and Chrome.

Lightbox-Me offers several configuration options, enabling you to customize it according to your needs. You can use these options to specify appear effect, overlay speed, lightbox animation speed, z-index, modal CSS, overlay CSS, etc. It also provide onLoad and onClose call back functions for further customization.

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Elgg: Open Source Social Networking Platform


Elgg is an open source social networking framework. It provides the necessary functionality that allows you to run your own social networking site, whether publicly (like Facebook) or internally on a networked intranet (like Microsoft Sharepoint). To run Elgg, you need to have Apache web server, PHP5.2+ and MySQL 5+.

Elgg comes with advanced user management and administration, social networking, cross-site tagging, powerful access control lists, internationalization support, multiple view support (eg cell phones, iPhone), an advanced templating engine, a widget framework and more. You can also use plugins to add more features like: Blogs, Bookmarks, File repository, Message board, Private messaging, Pages, Activity, Microblogging, etc.

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MooTools Canvas Library


MooTools Canvas Library is MooTools library that provides you methods to manage and interact with the content of a HTML5 canvas element. It works on any platform (including iPhone, iPad, Android) that supports canvas and JavaScript – to add support for canvas in Internet Explore you can use ExCanvas.

MCL (MooTools Canvas Library) provides an easy to use interface for managing layers and items on a canvas object. It enables you to use basic mouse events and provides drag’n’drop support for items. Since it is based on MooTools classes, you should be able to extend and customize it easily.

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Really Useful Tutorials You Should Have Read in May 2010


This update covers really useful tutorials, tips and techniques that you should have read in May 2010. Featured publications include: Nettuts+, Marcofolio, Perishable Press, Impressive Webs, Codrops, W3Avenue, Tutorialzine, Digging into WordPress, JankoAtWarpSpeed, Six Revisions, UsabilityPost, Echo Enduring, Addy Osmani, Web is Love, Build Internet, IBM DeveloperWorks, Steven Benner’s Blog, Deluxe Blog Tips, and Dark Crimson.

Featured authors include: Marco Kuiper, Jeff Starr, Louis Lazaris, Martin Angelov, Paul Irish, Janko Jovanovic, Saud Khan, Matt Ward, Adnan Osmani, Mary Lou, Steven Benner, Dmitry Fadeyev, Dietmar Krueger, Michela Chiucini, Erik Wurzer, Joe Casabona, John Cox, Alexander Dawson, Brian Muse, Ros Hodgekiss, Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh, Michael Galpin, Ben Lister, and Fayaz Ahmed.

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jQuery Tag Editor Plugin


Tag Editor is a jQuery plugin that let you transform a textbox into a WordPress style tag editor. It is really useful when you need users to submit tags or any other list of items (comma separated or separated by any other character) via text box.

jQuery Tag Editor Plugin is very easy to use and packed with configuration options enabling you to customize it behavior according to your own needs. You can customize look and feel of the tag list via CSS.

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ThePhig: Easy To Use Open Source PHP Image Gallery


ThePhig is an easy to use open source PHP script that enables you to create an album of images by simply uploading a directory of images to the server. Its password protected admin area enables users to easily manage information related to specific album and uploaded images. It requires PHP5.2+, GD Library and MySQL database.

ThePhig adds automatic thumbnail creation, and provide you with three different image overlays: PrettyPhoto, FancyBox, and Shutter Reloaded for the front end. Another important feature is its ability to have the images in an album mapped out (on Google Maps) for you, if coordinates exist in the EXIF data.

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Cloud Zoom: Feature Rich Image Zoom Plugin


Cloud Zoom is a lightweight, highly customizable jQuery plugin that allows you to add image zooming in your web pages. You can use this plugin to create zoomable images with different features such as tint effect, inner zoom and soft focus. It is a cross browser plugin that works in all major web browsers including IE6.

Cloud Zoom is very easy to implement and is very well documented. You can easily customize the appearance of the smaller image, lens and zoom window using CSS. It offers several configuration options enabling you to customize its behavior including: height, width & positions of zoom window; tint; opacity; amount of smoothness/drift of the zoom image as it moves; enable or disable titles.

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