epiClock: jQuery Plugin to Create and Manage JavaScript Clocks


epiClock is an extremely lightweight jQuery plugin which gives users the ability to easily create and manage any number of JavaScript powered clocks, timers, and stopwatches. It supports custom display options, allowing anything from a plain text clock to static or even dynamic image clocks. You can even change clock configuration on the fly.

Because of epiClock’s ability to create and manage multiple clocks on a single page, the plugin provides the developer with both page level and element level management entry points. In addition, the plugin comes bundled with a prototyped Date object which allows the clock to format an output similar to that of PHP’s date() function.

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Really Useful Tutorials You Should Have Read in October 2009


This update covers tutorials, how-to, screen casts, tips and techniques that you should have read in October 2009. Featured authors include: Marco Kuiper, Janko Jovanovic, Konstantin Kovshenin, Andrew Burgess, Tom Kenny, Joshua Johnson, Chris Coyier, Jonathan Snook, Jean-Baptiste Jung, Jeffrey Way, Dan Wellman, Tyler Denis, W. Jason Gilmore, Andrew Valums, Joel Reyes, Louis Lazaris, Kerasiotis Vasileios, Dustin Blake, Joel Reyes, Martin, Jeffrey, Bratu Sebastian, Schalk Neethling, Rich and Michael.

Featured Publications/Blogs include: Smashing Magazine, Nettuts+, CSS-Tricks, Six Revisions, Snook, Design Shack, Marcofolio, JankoAtWarpSpeed, Tutorialzine, MyInkBlog, Inspect Element, Build Internet, Andrew Valums, Kovshenin, DesignersMantra, Jeez Tech, Expansive Derivation, AEXT, THAT Agency, Activetuts+ and Get Objected.

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Connect Your Website With Facebook Using Mu JavaScript Library


Mu is a lightweight JavaScript library to use Facebook Connect on your site. It allows you to gain access to identity information (user’s name, photo, etc); social graph (user’s friends and connections); distribution (stream, and the ability to communicate); integration (publishers, canvas pages, profile boxes & tabs).

You can use Mu along with your favorite JavaScript library such as Dojo, jQuery, MooTools, Prototype or YUI. All files in the library are very well commented and you can find API documentation and examples on the website.

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UserCake: User Management System For PHP Applications


UserCake is a simple user management system developed in PHP that provides you a foundation to build user applications without all the hassle. It is object oriented, cleanly written, well commented, formatted and documented for easy customization.

UserCake requires PHP5, MySQL or MySQLi to work. UserCake does not have a admin backend, it is merely a foundation to start building your application. It uses phpBB’s DBAL or Database Abstraction layer to support multiple DBMS.

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Make Tabs Behave More Smoothly With Organic Tabs


Organic Tabs is a jQuery Plugin that allows you to build a tabbed area with smooth / gentle transition from one tab to another; even if these tabs contain content of different heights. The effect is achieved by calculating heights and animating between those heights on the fly.

Primary purpose of Organic Tabs is to enable tabs behave smoothly; other than that script is fairly simple, clean and semantic markup. Organic Tabs should work on all major browser and you can easily change its look and feel using CSS.

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jQuery Horizontal Accordion Script


Horizontal Accordion Script is a jQuery Plugin which turns an ordinary UL list into a horizontal accordion. You can easily change the look and feel via CSS and customize its functionality with the help of various options. Horizontal Accordion is cross browser script and has been tested to work on IE6+, Firefox and Opera.

The HTML markup of the Accordion (UL list) can either be defined inline on the page, or inside an external file instead and fetched via Ajax. Plus you can specify which LI should be expanded by default, whether to persist the last expanded LI (within a browser session), and also, expand a particular LI by passing in different parameters into the URL string. All this makes for a versatile, smooth horizontal accordion.

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Modal Dialog Development With SimpleModal jQuery Plugin


SimpleModal is a lightweight jQuery plugin that provides a simple interface to create a modal dialog. The goal of SimpleModal is to provide developers with a cross-browser overlay and container that will be populated with content provided.

Because SimpleModal is more of a modal dialog framework; by default it will create very basic, unstyled, modal dialogs. Styling can be done through external CSS or through properties in the options object. It also provides 3 callback options: onOpen, onShow and onClose; allowing you to completely customize the behavior and functionality of the modal dialog.

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Fast Performing Photo Galleries With Galleriffic jQuery Plugin


Galleriffic is a jQuery plugin that provides a rich, post-back free experience optimized to handle high volumes of photos while conserving bandwidth. It is easy to implement, cross browser, highly customizable, supports graceful degradation and allows you to add multiple galleries per page.

Features include: smart image preloading after the page is loaded; thumbnail navigation (with pagination); jQuery.history plugin integration to support bookmark-friendly URLs per-image; slideshow (with optional auto-updating url bookmarks); keyboard navigation; events that allow for adding your own custom transition effects; API for controlling the gallery with custom controls; support for image captions.

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jQuery Long Dropdown Menu


Dropdown menus containing lots of items can easily go down below the fold when opened, making lower items inaccessible. Normally if your dropdowns are this long, you reconsider your navigational strategy. But with jQuery Long Dropdown Menu solution you can make your menu items scroll up and down as you move mouse through it.

Implementation is fairly simple and only requires an unordered list to create your dropdown menu. You simply set maximum height of the dropdowns and script will automatically calculate speed multiplier based on the height for scrolling menu items up and down.

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Modernize and Extend CSS With eCSStender Library


eCSStender is a JavaScript library that let you write CSS without having to use browser-specific properties and hacks. Extensions built with eCSStender greatly simplify the design process because you can author modern CSS using advanced selectors, properties such as border-radius, or custom font faces and rest assured that your design will work; even in IE6.

eCSStender doesn’t do much on its own, but it does make it simple to write code that leverages a site’s stylesheets to patch older browsers, implement future specs, and/or create new CSS properties and have them work in a completely cross-browser way. In order to take advantage of this feature, however, you need to create extensions and register them with eCSStender.

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