KCFinder: Web File Manager


KCFinder is an open source web file manager. It can be integrated into FCKeditor, CKEditor, and TinyMCE WYSIWYG web editors (or your custom web applications) to upload and manage images, flash movies, and other files that can be embedded in an editor’s generated HTML content.

KCFinder’s installation and integration with editors and custom web application is fairly easy and well documented.  It requires PHP5+ and GD extension and has been tested to work with Apache web server. It uses CSS3 on client side; therefore works best with modern web browsers.

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jMapping: Create Google Maps From Semantic Markup


jMapping is jQuery plugin that allows you to implement Google Map by specifying list of the locations in your HTML. All you need to do is make sure your HTML has a div element for the Google map, and there is a container element with some locations and their data. It is a cross browser plugin that works in all major browsers including IE6.

jMapping is easy to implement, feature rich plugin powered by jQuery Metadata, MarkerManager, and MapIconMaker plugins. It offers several configuration options, object and event APIs; enabling you to customize it according to your needs.

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Really Useful Tutorials You Should Have Read in June 2010


This update covers really useful tutorials, tips and techniques that you should have read in June 2010. Featured publications include: Justin Tadlock, Nettuts+, David Walsh Blog, Smashing Magazine, Tutorialzine, A List Apart, Perishable  Press, Carsonified, Marcofolio, Nicolas Gallagher, Codrops, Onextrapixel, Digging into WordPress, Six Revisions, Line25, 1stWebDesigner, Alex Marandon, and Voosh Themes.

Featured authors include: Justin Tadlock, David Walsh, Martin Angelov, Nicolas Gallagher, Jeff Starr, Marco Kuiper, Faruk Ates, Chris Coyier, Chris Spooner, Richard Fink, Dan Wellman, Rafael Soto, Lorna Jane Mitchell, Divyang Patel, John Cox, Mary Lou, Irina Borozan, Jonathan Phillips, Paras Chopra, Alex Marandon, Darren, and Chris Creed.

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gvChart: Make Google Charts With HTML Tables


gvChart is a jQuery Plugin, that create interactive charts and graphs (Area, Line, Bar, Column and Pie) using Google Chart Tools / Interactive Charts (aka Visualization API). Its main features is the use of HTML tables as data source for creating charts.

Use of an HTML table makes it really easy to implement gvChart in your project. It allows you to specify whether you want to display or hide the HTML table. Another configuration option enables you to directly pass Google Charts setting, that you can find in Google Visualization API Gallery.

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Validity: Unobtrusive jQuery Form Validation Plugin


Validity is a powerful jQuery plugin for client-side form validation. It is easy to setup, lightweight, unobtrusive and allows you to make use of jQuery’s selector engine and follows its pattern of method chaining – so if you already know jQuery, then learning to use validity will be really easy.

Setting up and implementing Validity is quite simple. There is no need to attach validation logic to your form / markup; all you need to do is include CSS, jQuery and Validity files, and specify the validation logic using the validity method.

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jWizard: jQuery Form Wizard Plugin


jWizard is jQuery plugin for generating a wizard like interface for your web application. You can use jWizard to to enrich your user interface by dividing content and web forms into series of steps – reducing a large and complicated process into small chunks.

jWizard is really easy to implement; all you need to do is divide your content into multiple parts using very simple markup and then call jWizard funtion. The rest of the HTML as well as the JavaScript that you need for a slick wizard interface is automatically generated and handled behind the scenes. jWizard is also powered by jQuery UI library and is stylable via jQuery UI’s ThemeRoller or custom CSS classes.

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Easy Post Types Plugin For WordPress 3.0


WP Easy Post Types is WordPress plugin that lets you take full advantage of the powerful new WordPress 3.0 features and functionality, by enabling you to create custom post types on the fly with an easy to use interface. It also manage custom fields and categories for your post types.

WP Easy Post Types uses standard WordPress query rules to list content in your page templates, no need for any custom PHP coding. Another interesting feature is its ability to export definition of your custom post types with the associated fields, categories, and tags; so that you can easily import them into another WordPress implementation.

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Animated Table Sort


Animated Table Sort is a  jQuery plugin that allows you to create tables, which can be sorted based on a particular column. Whenever user clicks on column head to sort the table, data will animate to it new location, giving a nice effect. Another important feature is its ability to sort based on REGEXP matches.

Animated Table Sort plugin enables you to control whether row relationships are maintained, whether it sorts on ASCII or numeric and ascending or descending order. It also cleans up after itself by removing DOM-scripted DIVs created to add animation effect.

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jMedia Element: HTML5 Audio / Video Development Kit


jMedia Element is jQuery / jQuery UI powered HTML5 audio / video development kit; providing you with lots of feature and control over audio and video elements in your page. It supports HTML5 audio / video in modern browsers with  Flash and VLC fallback in older browsers.

jMedia Element is extremely flexible script – it let’s you customize the look and feel of your media player using CSS, and provide rich set of APIs to control your media component in variety of ways. It is cross browsers library that also works in iPad and Internet Explorer.

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Add Drag and Slide With Dragdealer


Dragdealer JS is a useful JavaScript based component that enables you to create custom dragable sliding UI controls in your web page. It is written in pure JavaScript, therefore doesn’t require any JavaScript library. It is also cross browsers and works in all major web browsers in including IE6.

Since it is mainly a utility component, you have full control over the look and feel. It provides several configuration options and methods enabling you to create variety of custom UI component that need drag, touch and slide features.

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