jqFancyTransitions: Slideshow With Fancy Transitions


jqFancyTransitions is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin that allow you create slideshows with fancy transition effects. It offers three predefined effects:  Wave, Curtain and Zipper. jqFancyTransitions is a cross browser plugin that has been fully tested with Safari 2+, Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Google Chrome 3+, Opera 9+.

Implementing jqFancyTransitions is pretty simple; all you have to do add image tags inside a placeholder with unique “id”. In order to add multiple slide shows in your page, you just need to specify different “id” for each placeholder. You can add captions to each slide using “alt” attribute.

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How To Get Digg, Delicious and Tweet Counts Using jQuery


Majority of online services allow you to access some of their data through public API methods. Unfortunately most of the data formats served by these APIs can only be accessed using server side code. This is mainly due to JavaScript’s same origin policy, which restrict it from loading data from remote sites.

Luckily, some providers can respond to our requests in JSONP format – which is perfect solution for loading data from remote sites using JavaScript. Since jQuery’s getJSON() method can also load data in JSONP, we can use it to achieve our objective. If this is true, it should be pretty simple – well it really is. The only difficult part is digging through provider’s API documentation, to see if it supports JSONP.

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JavaScript Audio Interface For HTML5 <audio> Tags


JAI or “JavaScript Audio Interface” is an open source script that provides juke-box functionality to HTML5 <audio> tags. It uses no images for it’s player interface, all the graphics are rendered to a <canvas>  element at run-time. The clickable play-list area contains a list of links that can be styled using CSS.

JAI works on all modern browsers that support HTML5 <audio> tag and the Ogg Vorbis Audio Codec. In addition to the clickable playlist, JAI provides play, pause and sound controls.

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YoxView: jQuery Image Viewer Plugin


YoxView is an easy to use, feature rich jQuery plugin that you can use to create light box and/or slide shows. You can set the configuration options to enable caching of full size images, even before user opens image gallery. This is a cross browser plugin that works on all modern browsers.

YoxView requires very simple markup – all you need to do is write markup for thumbnail images linking to their full size images, nested inside a DIV. This also enables your image viewer to degrade gracefully when JavaScript is turned off. It offers several useful configuration options, enabling you to easily customize its functionality.

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jQuery Easy Slides


jQuery Easy Slides is quick and easy to use jQuery plugin for making slideshows. Although there are several features that make it more than just a basic slideshow plugin; jQuery Easy Slides also has the advantage of being fairly lightweight, with both JavaScript and CSS weighing in at just under 2.1kb.

jQuery Easy Slides allows you to customize it using various configuration options, including: specify image directory path; specify captions, specify hyperlinks for each image; specify whether link opens in new window or same window; specify time interval between each slide and whether to display images on random or not.

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EZ-CSS: Lightweight CSS Framework


EZ-CSS is a lightweight, browser-friendly and easy to use CSS framework for creating CSS layouts for your website. When using EZ-CSS framework you are not bound to a grid; and it lets you create multiple columns of any width, with or without gutters of any width.

EZZ-CSS promotes “Cut & Paste” methodology by providing several code snippets for your layout. You can select a code snippet for your layout and paste it in your code; and since EZZ-CSS facilitates deep nesting, you can nest another block of code inside existing blocks of code to achieve the layout you want.

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Replace One Group of Items With Another Using Quicksand


Quicksand is a jQuery plugin that enables you to reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation effect. Quicksand does this by replacing one collection of items with another. It has been tested with all modern browsers and works in IE 7+, Opera 10+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+ and Chrome 4+.

Quicksand plugin is very well documented and is easy to implement. All you need to do is provide two sets of items. You can do it in plain HTML with unordered lists; provide data via AJAX call; or transform HTML items using JavaScript (e.g., sort them differently).

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EnhanceJS: JavaScript Framework For Progressive Enhancement


EnhanceJS is a JavaScript framework that enables you to easily start building sites with test-driven progressive enhancement. It test the browser to determine whether it is capable of correctly supporting a range of essential CSS and JavaScript properties, and delivers features only to those that pass the test.

EnhanceJS consist of only single 2.5kb JavaScript file (minified/gzipped),  and is written in pure JavaScript – so it has no dependencies, enabling it to work perfectly alongside other JavaScript libraries.

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TinyTips jQuery Plugin


TinyTips is a lightweight jQuery plugin that enables you to add tool tips in your web page. You can use jQuery $() function to select any element in your page and apply TinyTips. It is also a cross browser plugin that works in all modern browsers (with some animation issues in IE).

In addition to being really lightweight and fast, TinyTips is easy to implement and has well commented code. You can easily customize the look and feel using CSS. It allows you to pass tooltip’s content using “title” attribute in the markup or you can specify a custom string(which may also include any markup you may want to use).

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Ketchup: Extendable jQuery Plugin For Form Validation


Ketchup is flexible and extendible form validation plugin that allows you to easily control its appearance and functionality. Powered by jQuery, you can extend it to add more validation rules that fit your needs. If you don’t prefer the default styling you can easily change it as well to match your theme.

The main strength of this plugin over other validation plugin is the way code has been organized. It is divided into three files: core , messages and validation that enables developers to easily extend any part of the script. The look and feel can easily be modified by changing the CSS file.

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