CLEditor: WYSIWYG HTML Editor jQuery Plugin

CLEditor is a open source jQuery plugin which provides a lightweight, full featured, cross browser, WYSIWYG HTML editor which can be easily added into any web site. It is lightweight plugin that consumes less than 8K of total bandwidth. It is also cross browsers and has been tested with IE 6.0+, FF 1.5+, Safari 4+, Chrome 5+ and Opera 10+.

To use CLEditor, you simply need to pass “id” of the textarea that will hold the HTML content; plugin will replace it with WYSIWYG editor. In addition to the standard text formatting features, CLEditor contains rich drop downs for font name, size, style, text color and highlight color.


  • Lightweight and very easy to implement
  • Can specify height, width, fonts, colors, controls and styles using configuration options
  • Customize the tool bar styles and controls
  • Supports methods for interaction via JavaScript: focus(), htmlMode(), resize(), select(), selectedText(), updateFrame(), updateTextArea()

Developed by Chris Landowski; CLEditor is dual licensed under the MIT or GPL License.  You can find further information, demos & download on CLEditor Website.

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Reader Comments

8 Responses to “CLEditor: WYSIWYG HTML Editor jQuery Plugin”
  1. DaveBowman says:

    Ah, again the reinvention of wheel. Notice the absense of even basic means of uploading and inserting an image from one’s computer.

    • monloup says:

      such a pitty to make this kind of remarks, just pass your way if not interested

      i’m sure many people are interested in a little WYSIWYG editor based on jQuery, and just handling what is needed and super fast

      image and file handling most often are for different reasons anyway totally or partially taken out of the editor


  2. aditia says:

    here is it goes, another alternative rich text editor thanks for sharing

  3. Paul says:

    First of all, in order to upload a file from one’s computer, there has to be server side code to recieve and save that file somewhere.

    How in the heck is the author of this plugin supposed to know what server technology you’re running?

    The thing is, you CAN add a button to the editor toolbar (and the requisite AJAX code – as well as server code) to upload a image from the client computer.

  4. Fantastic and lightweight!

    I use tinyMce for my own projects but I have to recognize that is too heavy even though is very good and stable.

    It is a possible candidate for the replacement

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ben Althauser says:

    I like it a lot. I wish there were examples of how to call the functions. I keep trying $(‘#mc_editor’).select, but to no success….. How am I suppose to get 9into the functions? It’s perfect for what I need it for besides that.

    • Ben Althauser says:

      nevermind my question , you can access it using alert($(‘#your_editor’).val()), or document.getElementById(‘your_editor’).value for those of you who are old school.

  6. Robin says:

    I do like this – much lighter/faster than the Ajax html editor. But I do have a question.

    I’m using a jquery tab control which means that many of the textareas are not visible when the page 1st loads. For the textareas on the non-visible tabs the styling of the editor control is off – at least on my machine in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. On a machine using IE8 and Windows 7 the second toolbar has no background color. On another machine using IE8 and Windows Server 2003 the 3nd toolbar has no background color, the bottom border is missing, and the underlying textarea is slightly visible on the outside of the html editor.

    I was able to reproduce this behavior on a simple HTML page with just the textarea inside a div and a button that shows/hides the div. If the style of the div is originally “block”, it renders just fine. If the style of the div is originally “none”, then the appearance is off.

    I was wondering if you knew of a way to get it play nice in this scenario.

    Thank you.

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