jWizard: jQuery Form Wizard Plugin

jWizard is jQuery plugin for generating a wizard like interface for your web application. You can use jWizard to to enrich your user interface by dividing content and web forms into series of steps – reducing a large and complicated process into small chunks.

jWizard is really easy to implement; all you need to do is divide your content into multiple parts using very simple markup and then call jWizard funtion. The rest of the HTML as well as the JavaScript that you need for a slick wizard interface is automatically generated and handled behind the scenes. jWizard is also powered by jQuery UI library and is stylable via jQuery UI’s ThemeRoller or custom CSS classes.


  • Simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript setup requirements
  • Custom Events: finish (jWizard), cancel (jWizard), activate (steps), deactivate (steps)
  • Flexible CSS and Styling Capability
  • jQuery UI Themeroller Integration
  • Programmatic Step-Navigation (via Public Methods)
  • Step Counter (with Percentage and Count modes)
  • Custom Button Text
  • Sidebar Navigation (Step Titles and/or Step Numbering)
  • Seamless HTML Forms integration (set the ‘buttons.finishType’ configuration option to ‘submit’)
  • Integrated Form Validation (Step-Based)
  • jQuery UI Animations built in

Developed by Dominic Barnes; jWizard is available for download License Free.  You can find further information, demos & download on jWizard Project Website.

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One Response to “jWizard: jQuery Form Wizard Plugin”
  1. Dominic Barnes says:

    Thanks so much for the post! I was wondering where all this traffic came from all of a sudden! Thanks a million!

    (PS everyone: I’ll be working on the demo page so that it is actually useful. Thanks for your patience, refer to the examples directory of the source for now)

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