Animated Table Sort

Animated Table Sort is a  jQuery plugin that allows you to create tables, which can be sorted based on a particular column. Whenever user clicks on column head to sort the table, data will animate to it new location, giving a nice effect. Another important feature is its ability to sort based on REGEXP matches.

Animated Table Sort plugin enables you to control whether row relationships are maintained, whether it sorts on ASCII or numeric and ascending or descending order. It also cleans up after itself by removing DOM-scripted DIVs created to add animation effect.

Developed by Andy Croxall; Animated Table Sort Plugin is available for download License Free.  You can find further information, demos  &  download on Animated Table Sort Plugin Website.

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One Response to “Animated Table Sort”
  1. Andy Croxall says:

    Thanks for featuring my plugin. Here’s my latest, a cool transition effect:

    Keep up the good work,!

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