jMedia Element: HTML5 Audio / Video Development Kit

jMedia Element is jQuery / jQuery UI powered HTML5 audio / video development kit; providing you with lots of feature and control over audio and video elements in your page. It supports HTML5 audio / video in modern browsers with  Flash and VLC fallback in older browsers.

jMedia Element is extremely flexible script – it let’s you customize the look and feel of your media player using CSS, and provide rich set of APIs to control your media component in variety of ways. It is cross browsers library that also works in iPad and Internet Explorer.


  • Unified API, that works like jQuery DOM-Scripting
  • Better integration of Flash and other Plugins into the HTML/DOM
  • WAI-ARIA enhanced controls
  • Hooks to extend API, controls and plugin support
  • Cross-browser, cross-plugin and cross-device support
  • Plays ogg (theora/vorbis), mp4/mov (h.264), WebM (VP8/vorbis), flv, youtube videos and some more
  • Easy and intuitive to embed, style and script
  • jQuery UI Themeable

Developed by Alexander Farkas; Dragdealer is available for download under MIT & GPL2 Licenses.  You can find further information, demos  &  download on jMedia Element Website.

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