MooFlick: MooTools Plugin To Display Flickr Feed Images

MooFlick is a simple Mootools plugin to grab and display the latest images from Flickr JSON feed. It can grab specified number of the latest images, resizes and displays on page with visual effect. Optionally you it can styles and rotates images to look like small Polaroid previews. MooFlick is cross browser plugin and has been tested in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE 7+.

MooFlick is fairly easy to implement – you simply instantiate MooFlick and give it the id of the target container (usually a div) and your Flickr id. You can customize basic styling with CSS. It also allows you to specify number of images, rotation, size reduction and delay between adding each image to the page via confgiuration options.

Developed by Matthew Wells; MooFlick is available for download under under MIT License.  You can find further information, demo & download on MooFlick Website.

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