Create Lightbox From DOM Elements With Lightbox-Me

Lightbox-Me is a jQuery plugin that lets you create lightbox from any DOM element in the page. Based on very simple concept, it is lightweight , and very useful. It is cross browser plugin that works in all major browsers including: IE 6+, Firefox 2.5+, Safari, and Chrome.

Lightbox-Me offers several configuration options, enabling you to customize it according to your needs. You can use these options to specify appear effect, overlay speed, lightbox animation speed, z-index, modal CSS, overlay CSS, etc. It also provide onLoad and onClose call back functions for further customization.


  • Handles overlay resize when the window is resized
  • Handles overlay size in cases where the document is smaller than the window
  • Handles position: fixed in all browsers
  • Position: fixed automatically swaps to position: absolute when the window size is smaller than the modal, so the user can scroll to see the contents
  • Tiny footprint (just over 1000 bytes gzipped & compressed)
  • Small DOM overhead (adds 1 DOM element for the overlay)
  • Dynamic iFrame shim is created and destroyed for the IE 6 select box peek issue (tested and working on https pages)

Developed by Buck Wilson; Lightbox-Me is available for download under under Apache License, Version 2.0.  You can find further information, demo & download on Lightbox-Me Website.

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