MooTools Canvas Library

MooTools Canvas Library is MooTools library that provides you methods to manage and interact with the content of a HTML5 canvas element. It works on any platform (including iPhone, iPad, Android) that supports canvas and JavaScript – to add support for canvas in Internet Explore you can use ExCanvas.

MCL (MooTools Canvas Library) provides an easy to use interface for managing layers and items on a canvas object. It enables you to use basic mouse events and provides drag’n’drop support for items. Since it is based on MooTools classes, you should be able to extend and customize it easily.


  • Fully Object Oriented
  • Create static object that is a collection of layers, items and threads
  • Provides access to the canvasObject
  • Provides mouse-events to all items
  • Methods to manage layers and their position inside the stack
  • Creates a container for items
  • Creates an object which is finally drawn to the canvas
  • Provides animation class that works with any of object
  • Provides a complex timer object

Developed by Martin Tillmann; MooTools Canvas Library is available for download under MIT License.  You can find further information, demos & download on MooTools Canvas Library Website.

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  1. adsl fpt says:

    MooTools Canvas Library helps me a lot in my home works web design project, thank you for it.

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