Cloud Zoom: Feature Rich Image Zoom Plugin

Cloud Zoom is a lightweight, highly customizable jQuery plugin that allows you to add image zooming in your web pages. You can use this plugin to create zoomable images with different features such as tint effect, inner zoom and soft focus. It is a cross browser plugin that works in all major web browsers including IE6.

Cloud Zoom is very easy to implement and is very well documented. You can easily customize the appearance of the smaller image, lens and zoom window using CSS. It offers several configuration options enabling you to customize its behavior including: height, width & positions of zoom window; tint; opacity; amount of smoothness/drift of the zoom image as it moves; enable or disable titles.


  • Easy integration with basic valid HTML
  • Small 6Kb (minified) script
  • Smooth zoom movement
  • Gallery mode
  • Tint, soft focus and inner zoom features
  • Degrades gracefully with JavaScript turned off
  • Fully accessible with no CSS or text only browsers

Developed by Professor Cloud; Cloud Zoom is available for download under MIT License.  You can find further information, demos & download on Cloud Zoom Website.

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4 Responses to “Cloud Zoom: Feature Rich Image Zoom Plugin”
  1. Scott Corgan says:

    Oh the beauty of jQuery. jQueryUI was our hacked attempt at making HTML5 and CSS3 “available” in IE…booo

  2. Jay Gilford says:

    Wow really nice plugin, thanks for the contribution

  3. AJAX-ZOOM says:

    Playing around with AJAX-ZOOM we came up with a similar effect as Cloud Zoom:

    It still uses image tiles which allow the source image to be of virtually any resolution.

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