Nivo Zoom: jQuery Image Zoom / Lightbox Plugin

Nivo Zoom is an easy to use simple jQuery plugin that lets you display larger or full size image like a lightbox. Its main feature is easily enabling you to specify position of the larger image relative to the thumbnail. Nivo Zoom is a cross browser plugin and has been tested in following browsers: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Google Chrome 4, and  Safari 4.

Nivo Zoom is really easy to implement with very simple markup. All you need to do is wrap a thumbnail image in a link pointing to the image that you want to “zoom” in to and give this link the class “nivoZoom”. You can also add a caption to the zoomed image by adding a div with the class “nivoCaption”.


  • Specify position of larger image relative to the thumbnail
  • Add topLeft, topRight, bottomLeft, bottomRight, or center class to the image to specify relative position
  • Optional overlay support
  • Supports HTML captions
  • Simple clean & valid markup
  • Customizable settings
  • Lightweight: Packed version only weighs 4kb

Developed by Gilbert Pellegrom; Nivo Zoom is available for download under the MIT License. You can find further information, demo &  download on Nivo Zoom Website.

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