Build Cross Browser HTML5 Forms With jQuery Tools

jQuery Tools is a collection of very useful jQuery powered UI components. Its latest version contains several enhancements to its existing UI components: Tabs, Tooltip, Scrollable and Overlay. But the most importantly it now enables you to create cross browser forms with support for date input type, range input type and validations introduced in HTML5.

jQuery Tools allows you to write HTML5 standard markup, without any hacks or tweaks. Your form will work on all major browsers even in IE6. However when JavaScript is turned off Opera which provides best native support for HTML5 forms will display its native components, other browsers will degrade to normal text fields.

You can read our previous review of jQuery Tools written in August 2009.  This library is open source and dual licensed under MIT and GPL 2+ licenses. You can find further information, demos, API documentation & download on jQuery Tools’ Website.

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