Increase Size of Click Targets With BigTarget

BigTarget is a simple easy to use jQuery plugin that enables you to easily increase size of a click target. You can use this plugin to get more call-to-action conversions on “title, thumbnail, short summary, more link” pattern. BigTarget is a cross browser plugin that works in all major browsers.

Adding BigTarget functionality to your site is straight forward. First include the plugin code in the head of your document, and then when the page is ready, attach the bigTarget function to the target anchor; BigTarget will do the rest.

You can also try “Fitted jQuery Plugin” by Trevor Morris; which achieves the same goals as BigTarget in a slightly different manner.

Developed by Leevi Graham; BigTarget jQuery Plugin is available for download License Free.  You can find further information, demo & download on BigTarget Website.

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    Nice post..informational…thanks..

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