jQuery Slideshow Plugin

SimpleSlide is a lightweight jQuery plugin for creating slideshows. Some of its features include: ability to add any type of content in the slide window,  provides status display that configures itself, supports full screen display and swipe functionality.

SimpleSlide is easy to setup and only requires you to used nested “divs” with specific class names and “rel” values to group various slides together. It also provides few configuration options to customize the animation speed, size of the status element, and status bar colors.


  • Lightweight: 15KB normal, and 6KB compressed
  • Can display in full browser window
  • Supports multiple slideshows
  • Customize the animation speed, size of the status element, and status bar colors
  • Supports callback function
  • AJAX page loading
  • Cross browsers: tested in all modern web browsers

Developed by David Drew; SimpleSlide is available for free.  You can find further information, demos & download on SimpleSlide Website.

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Reader Comments

7 Responses to “ jQuery Slideshow Plugin”
  1. All examples but the “autoslide” demo won’t work here on my ubuntu driven firefox 3.6.x.

    The arrows are flickering when the mouse is in the corresponding area and firebug comes up with errors.

    pageTracker is undefined
    [Break on this error]

    Cannot load source:

    When the ad-blocker is disabled another error for the error comes up

    pageTracker is undefined
    [Break on this error] pageTracker._trackEvent(‘Slide Interactions’, ‘Clicks’, action);

    The should use other name for their javascript variables to prevent ad-blocker collisions.

    ubuntu administrator

  2. David Drew says:

    Thanks for the feedback UA.

    Flickering nav has *absolutely nothing* to do with the plugin itself, which encourages you to set up the nav in any way that pleases you. The plugin comes with nothing besides the script itself.

    PageTracker is something I use to track activity on, as I use AJAX page loading exclusively to load content on the site. This is also the reason why my navigation for the buttons flickers. I wanted to associate the navigation with the hover event, but, currently, the live hover event in jQuery is flawed in that it will reanimate when you hover over any child in the element with the hover listener.

    I would encourage users to disable ad block software on pages that they frequent. does not have any advertising (only a donations button), but most websites live off of the advertising they provide.

    Oh, and thank you, for the shout out.

    • W3Avenue Team says:

      David, First of all thanks for the wonderful plugin and your feedback regarding issue raised by UA. page is great example of how far you can take this plugin. It will be really useful, if you could also package some sample HTML pages containing simple examples in the download.

      Once again thank you for your contribution to the community.

  3. Antonio says:

    A basic example could be fine, but packed apart from your website. Only a basic html with the js code to see how it works..

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