jCoverflip: Highly Customizable Content Slider

jCoverfilp is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create highly customizable featured content sliders. It provides you with extra control over your slider component with functions to customize the styling and animation for items to the left and right of the current item. jCoverfilp is cross browser plugin that works in all modern web browsers.

jCoverfilp requires both jQuery and jQuery UI library to work, and is easy themeable. The default installation uses a clean style that can be updated with ease.  All aspects of jCoverflip are customizable through the API, including: colors, fonts and styles, animation speed and number of items.


  • Drag or click functionality to showcase featured content items on demand by the user
  • All aspects of jCoverflip are customizable through the API
  • Ability to showcase both images and content associated with an item.
  • Module integration with Drupal or Standalone version

Developed by New Signature; jCoverfilp is available for download under GNU General Public License.  You can find further information, demo & download on jCoverfilp Website.

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Reader Comments

4 Responses to “jCoverflip: Highly Customizable Content Slider”
  1. Mr G says:

    it’s really hard to implement to an existing layout, the download option on their site only provide the jquery.js file, not the full file and example image that’s works…

    i’m having difficulty to make it works..i’ve already download the ui.js too…if anyone have a clue or tutorial for me?

    the jcoverflip is not displayed correctly, the feature content slider position is behind the browser bar, and the slider is missing somewhere..what did i do that make the jcoverflip gone wrong??

    • W3Avenue Team says:

      You should try to implement it in a separate page first and see if it works. Sometimes CSS in your existing page may cause issues. You may also want to double check beforeCSS, afterCSS or currentCSS functions to see if you need make any adjustments there.

      If you still need help, you can get support from developers here: http://www.jcoverflip.com/support

      • Mr G says:

        ok i’ll try it again..the effect is working alright…but the placement is a bit hard to handle, the slider is missing, any chance that i’m messed up with the jquery.ui? but anyway still it’s a nice effect from the jcoverflip!! keep up the good work!! :)

  2. Thanks for jCoverflip…

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