Split List Items Into Columns With Easy List Splitter

Easy List Splitter is a useful little jQuery plugin that provides an easy way to divide your list items into columns. It will get your list, wrap it into a container div, generate as many lists as the number of columns you require and evenly split the list items into the different list elements.

Implementation is really straight forward; you just need simple ordered or unordered list, and then target it using any jQuery selectors. Easy List Splitter does not set any CSS rules or column widths; it simply generates clean and valid HTML code that you can style as you wish.


  • Split any ordered (OL) or unordered (UL) list
  • Define the number of columns in which you want your lists to be split
  • Target more than one list on the same page and set different number of columns for each of them
  • CSS is completely separated from the JavaScript. You can either modify the default one or create your own
  • A class “last” will be added to each last UL or OL so that you can easily remove side padding or margin
  • You can choose whether to order your list items vertically or horizontally
  • There is no need to modify your HTML. Just target your list element using any of the jQuery selectors

Developed by Andrea Cima Serniotti; Easy List Splitter is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.  You can find further information, demo & download on Easy List Splitter Website.

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One Response to “Split List Items Into Columns With Easy List Splitter”
  1. Cool little piece of code. And with ~1700 bytes minified JavaScript not too large for the effect.

    Many website menu are designed using these list tags. Using the plugin one can adjust the layout with ease when new menu entries would break it.

    my 2 cents

    ubuntu administrator

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