Piecemaker: 3D Flash Image Rotator

Piecemaker is an open source free Flash based component enabling you to create really cool image rotator with 3D slice effects. It uses the Tweener engine, which makes it support several tween types for the transitions, such as Cubic, Bounce or Elastic.

You don’t really need to be a Flash expert to use or customize Piecemaker. You can easily specify all your settings and images through external XML file. You can also define the appearance in terms of font-family, font-style, color, etc. in an external CSS file, making customization really easy.


  • Customize slice effect in terms of number of pieces, tween type, distance, time, delay and more
  • Set image dimensions and all animation specification in XML
  • Add new images and image descriptions externally via XML
  • Images are loaded on the fly – no loading times in between
  • No limit on number of images
  • Descriptions are set in XML as HTML text, and easily stylable with CSS

Developed by Björn Crüger; Piecemaker is available for download under MIT License.  You can find further information, demo & download on Piecemaker Website.

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One Response to “Piecemaker: 3D Flash Image Rotator”
  1. Cool eye candy. And it’s open source.

    It’s in my bookmarks to use it soon.

    Thx for sharing

    ubuntu administrator

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