Pulse CMS: Simple Flat File Based CMS For Small Websites

Pulse is a simple Content Management System designed for small websites. It enables you to take an existing site and add content management in few minutes. All you need to do is define the editable blocks on your website, and it will provide an easy to use backend enabling users to edit content from their browser.

Setting up Pulse is very easy – there is no installer. Just drag the “Pulse” folder into the root and you’re done. The only thing you need to do is set appropriate file permissions on the server and change the default password . Pulse is build using PHP5 and does not use a database.


  • The built in image gallery makes it a snap to create a beautiful photo gallery for your site.
  • With built-in, one-click backup, you don’t have to worry about messing something up. Just backup before you start an editing session and you can always go back and restore.
  • Pulse uses flat files to save content so there’s no need to bring MYSQL into the mix.

Pulse is available in two versions: Pulse Basic (includes all the features covered in this review) is free and open source, the Pro version includes some additional features like Blog and is available for a small fee with unlimited life time updates. You can find further information, demo and download on Pulse CMS Website.

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  1. abhishek says:

    It looks nice. Sometime write about glib CMS also.

  2. Khawar says:

    This is great yar =]

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