Cloud Carousel: 3D jQuery Carousel

Cloud Carousel is a jQuery plugin enabling you to create 3D carousel with features like auto-reflections and integration with Slimbox image viewer plugin. It also supports captions with “alt” and “title” attributes in the image tags. Cloud Carousel is a cross browser plugin that works in all major web browsers including IE6.

Cloud Carousel does not need any specific CSS styles to operate. However, you can style the carousel container, text boxes and buttons. You can also easily customize its behavior using several configuration options. One of its noteworthy feature is realistic perspective; unlike many 3d carousels which only apply perspective scaling to the size of the images, not their positions.


  • Works with most browsers (tested on IE6+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari)
  • Accurate 3d perspective
  • Optional auto reflections – no need to modify your images or add server code
  • Easy integration with basic valid HTML and a tiny bit of JavaScript
  • 5Kb (minified) script
  • Degrades gracefully with JavaScript turned off
  • Fully accessible with no CSS or text only browsers
  • Works with other plugins, e.g. Slimbox, and preserves your links and mouse events

Developed by Professor Cloud; Cloud Carousel is available for download under MIT License.  You can find further information, demos & download on Cloud Carousel Website.

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4 Responses to “Cloud Carousel: 3D jQuery Carousel”
  1. abhishek says:

    Can I use this feature of jQuery in Blogger blog. If yes then how??

  2. Haab says:

    Fantastic, Would Be Great If you can provide a Plugin for WordPress

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