jQuery Feature Carousel Plugin

Feature Carousel is jQuery Plugin that is primarily meant to display featured stories with carousel effect on your home page. It provides a unique alternative to commonly used content sliders; displaying three images at a time, with remaining images hidden behind the selected item.

Feature Carousel is highly customizable plugin, providing several configuration options to control its behavior. You can also customize its appearance by editing the CSS.  Implementing Featured Carousal is really easy and it require very simple markup to add it to your page.


  • Specify height, width, padding using configuration options
  • Specify default featured item
  • Captions for each featured item
  • Enable / Disable autoplay
  • Enable / Disable image preloading
  • Specify Carousal speed and animation easing effect

Developed by Brian Osborne; Feature Carousel is available for download under GPL License.  You can find further information, demo & download on Feature Carousel Website.

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One Response to “jQuery Feature Carousel Plugin”
  1. Works fine and fast for me here on Ubuntu with Firefox.

    One should minify the Script for production use.

    There are a lot of comments in it. Download version takes ~30 kB, minified version is only ~11kB of size.

    my 2 cents

    ubuntu administrator

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