Handle HTML5 Video With CwVideo

CwVideo is a MooTools class that lets you easily handle HTML5 videos by providing access to various properties. It also extends MooTools Fx.Slider class enabling you to add your own volume slider and timeline related slider controls.

Using CwVideo in your project is fairly simple and only requires 1.24+ (Core) and Fx.Slider (More) to work. All you need do to is create a new instance of cwVideo with “id” of the video you need to handle. You will immediately gain access to various properties like duration, volume, timeline position etc.


  • Timeline Controller
  • Volume Slider
  • Rewind video to beginning
  • Move forward or backward with given amount
  • Play, pause and stop video
  • Play / Pause video toggle
  • Toggle “muted” state
  • Change volume by positive or negative values
  • Get current network state as string
  • Get current ready state as string

Developed by Mario Fischer; CwVideo is available for download under MIT License.  You can find further information, demo & download on CwVideo Website.

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  1. Lisa Bennett says:

    Very nice. I also suggest you check out the Kaltura HTML5 Media Library with full video tools. You can also learn more at our recently launched industry resource http://www.html5video.org

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