jQuery CalendarPicker: Unique Date Selection Component

CalendarPicker is a unique lightweight jQuery plugin that allows users to change dates using a mouse wheel. In order to use CalendarPicker you also need to include Brandon Aaron’s Mousewheel Plugin that adds mouse wheel support.

CalendarPicker is a cross browser plugin that works in all major browsers including IE6. Implementation is really simple and you can easily change look and feel of your component by editing the CSS file. It also provides essential configuration options enabling you to change its behavior.


  • Easy internationalization
  • Supports changing current date
  • Supports mouse wheel scrolling
  • Supporting (deferred) callback on date selection
  • Supports variable number of years, months and days
  • Supports next / previous arrows

Developed by Roberto Bicchierai; jQuery CalendarPicker is available for download under MIT License.  You can find further information, demos & download on CalendarPicker Website.

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One Response to “jQuery CalendarPicker: Unique Date Selection Component”
  1. Nice eye candy.

    But here on my Ubuntu 9.10 with Firefox 3.6.3 it causes hefty load on one cpu core if i use the wheel to select date and the browser windows freezes for some seconds.

    Nice but not to much responsive :(

    my 2 cents

    Ubuntu administrator

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