PHP Fat Free Framework

PHP Fat Free is a powerful, modular and lightweight PHP 5.3+ web application framework designed to help you build dynamic and robust web sites. It is simple to use, install and learn. Unlike many other frameworks, you don’t need to follow strict set of difficult-to-navigate directory structures and obtrusive programming steps.

The philosophy behind FAT-FREE framework and its approach to the Model-View-Controller design pattern is towards minimalism in structural components, avoiding application complexity and striking a balance between code elegance, application performance and programmer productivity.


  • The Core Pack provides the base framework functionality and access to Fat-Free’s simple domain-specific language, fast template engine (capable of rendering HTML, XML, WML, RSS, FOAF, RDF, e-mail and regular text), powerful cache, bandwidth throttle, automatic spam protection, unit testing tools, code profiler, an HTML forms processor – in a compact 41KB zero-install file!
  • The Database Pack works seamlessly with the Core Pack, contains Fat-Free’s auto-mapping Axon ORM plus an easy-to-use SQL handler for fine-tuning database engine interactions – a single 19KB file.
  • The Expansion Pack includes a CAPTCHA image generator, JavaScript/CSS compressor, dynamic XML sitemaps, thumbnail and fake image generator, identicons, and tools for communicating with other servers – only 24KB!.

Developed by Free Software Foundation; PHP Fat Free Framework is available for download under GNU General Public License Version 3.0. You can find further information, documentation &  download on PHP Fat Free Framework Website.

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  1. daGrevis says:

    I will definitely check this out! I love light-weight… :)

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