JS.Class: Ruby Style Object Oriented JavaScript

JS.Class is a JavaScript library developed to facilitate Ruby style object-oriented development in JavaScript. It implements Ruby’s core object, module and class system and some of its meta programming facilities, giving you a powerful base to build well-structured OO programs.

If you are used OO programming and need to work in JavaScript, you must check it out. JS.Class is very well documented, providing easy to understand examples of various patterns and techniques. It has been designed to mimic Ruby as closely as possible, so if you know Ruby you should feel right at home.


  • Classes and modules with Ruby-compatible inheritance
  • Subclassing and mixins
  • Late-binding arguments-optional super calls to parent classes and mixins
  • Singleton methods and eigenclasses
  • included, extended and inherited hooks
  • Method binding
  • Ports of various standard Ruby modules, including Enumerable, Hash, Set, Observable, Comparable, Forwardable

Developed by James Coglan; JS.Class is available for download under the MIT License. You can find further information, documentation &  download on JS.Class Website.

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