jbGallery: Highly Customizable Full Screen Image Gallery Plugin

jbGallery is a highly customizable jQuery plugin, that can be used to create full screen image gallery in a dialog mode or as a common pop-up. It also provides an adopter for retrieving images from your Picasa web albums feeds. jbGallery is a cross browser plugin that works in all major web browsers.

jbGallery can be customized to display one image, multiple images, slideshows and multiple galleries. Markup required to create your gallery is very simple simple: all you need to do is create an unordered list of links linking to image files; you can add thumbnails by placing thumbnails images inside your anchor; and you can specify captions using title attribute.


  • Image style can be centered or zoomed
  • Enable or disable slideshow mode
  • Enable or disable captions, auto hide, fade and clickable features
  • Menu styles: slider, simple, numbers, none
  • Keyboard options
  • Callback functions for before, load, after and close
  • Customize fade speed, auto hide, slideshow interval and delays

Developed by Massimiliano  Balestrieri; jbGallery is available for download under the GPL License. You can find further information, demos &  download on jbGallery Website.

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