Two Sided Multi Selector

Two Sided Multi Selector is a jQuery plugin that will automatically converts a multi select list into a two-sided multi-select list. Two Sided Multi Selector will display list of options in a select list on left, while selected items will be displayed in a select list on right. You can move an item(s) between two boxes by selecting items(s) and clicking on arrow buttons (add, add all, remove, remove all).

Two Sided Multi Selector will not affect the post-back as the selector will create the elements with the correct name – this means it can safely be used to add functionality to your multi-select list without worrying about how to handle the post-back on the server.


  • Keep the lists in order regardless of order-of-selection (Using Tiny Sort plugin)
  • Add or remove all items by using the double arrow
  • Unobtrusive
  • 100% styled using CSS

Developed by Steve Fenton; Two Sided Multi Selector jQuery Plugin is available for free. You can find further information, demo &  download both Two Sided Multi Selector Website.

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    no download link?

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