Create Web Based Spreadsheet With jQuery.Sheet

jQuery.Sheet is a very useful jQuery plugin that lets you to easily add powerful spreadsheet component in your webpage. It will take care of creation, viewing, and editing processes; so that you can concentrate on building your application around it.

You can change the look and feel of your spreadsheet using jQuery UI ThemeRoller. jQuery.Sheet can save spreadsheet data using AJAX style functionality and has built in methods to export/import entire spreadsheet as HTML, XML and JSON.


  • MS Excel style Calculations
  • Supports Multiple Spreadsheets
  • Cross-Sheet Calculations
  • Resizable Sheets
  • Fast Calculations Engine
  • jQuery UI Themeroller support
  • Export/Import Sheet as HTML, XML and jSON
  • Support Charts / Graphs using jQuery Google Charts Plugin

Developed by Robert Plummer; jQuery.Sheet is dual licensed under the LGPL and GPL Licenses. You can find further information, demos &  download on jQuery.Sheet Website.

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4 Responses to “Create Web Based Spreadsheet With jQuery.Sheet”
  1. Atul Kash says:

    Nice! I have been looking for something similar for the last few days. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the nice article! Feedback is always welcomed.

  3. Minz says:

    wow.. very cool! thanks alot! : )

  4. Version 1 was just released, check it out.

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