jPhotoGrid and jFlickrFeed Plugins

jPhotoGrid is simple, lightweight and easy to use jQuery plugin that will help you create nice zoomable image grid. All of the styling for this plugin is done in CSS, which creates the grid by floating images. jPhotoGrid require same file for both thumbnail and zoomed image, and uses image scaling to take care of zooming and to turn images back to thumbnails.

jPhotoGrid works great with jFlickrFeed –  jQuery plugin that can pull Flickr feeds and display them on your site. This plugin works by pulling a JSON feed from Flickr and applying the data it gets back to a template. You can specify your own template in order to get the output however you like.

jFlickrFeed provides several configuration options, including: ability to specify your own public feed; set how many items you want to loop through; enable / disable clean description; and specify your own custom templates.

Both plugins are developed by Joel Sutherland, and are available for download under the MIT License. You can find further information, demo &  download both jPhotoGrid & jFlickrFeed on New Media Campaigns Website.

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