Floom: MooTools Slideshow

Floom is an extendible slideshow widget for MooTools 1.2+ that produces very nice blinds effect. It is really easy to use and can also be used to load large images, since it shows a progress wheel while loading images in the background. Floom is cross browser plugin that works on all modern browser.

Floom is lightweight and really simple to implement. You can either specify the image URL and the caption using the key-value notation inside JavaScript or by adding image tags inside a <div>. If you specify images in your markup you can provide image caption is the title attribute.


  • Specify directory where to look for images/slides
  • Enable or disable progress bar
  • Enable or disable captions
  • Specify interval between slide change
  • Specify amount of blinds
  • Specify animation duration
  • Specify axis: either horizontal or vertical

Developed by Oskar Krawczyk; Floom is available for download under the MIT Licenses.  You can find further information, demo & download on Floom Website.

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One Response to “Floom: MooTools Slideshow”
  1. Aravind says:

    look good, but no navigation option front and back…..

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