Grafico: JavaScript Charting Library

Grafico is a JavaScript charting library powered by Raphaël and Prototype. It is really flexible to implement; produces good, clean looking graphs; and is cross browser library that has been tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 6+.

Grafico provides numerous API options to customize the look and functionality of various types of graphs/charts: Line, Area, Stacked Area, Stream, Bar, Horizontal Bar, Sparklines, Sparkbars, and Sparkareas.


  • Selects the best range to display your data
  • Display additional information such as the value when hovering over charts
  • Display meanline that display average of all datapoints
  • Use an image as a watermark over your graphs

Developed by Kilian Valkhof (Based on Ico by Alex Young); Grafico is available for download under MIT license. You can find further information, demos & download on Grafico Website.

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