AJAX Graphs For MooTools With mooBarGraph

mooBarGraph is AJAX graph plugin for MooTools which enables you to easily add simple bar and stacked bar graphs in your web pages. It can make graphs from your JSON data and is compatible with all major browsers including Internet Explorer 6.

mooBarGraph is a feature rich plugin, with support for URL bars, info boxes, negative values, AJAX data loading, etc. Integration is pretty straightforward and you can easily customize it using several configuration options such as: height, width, color, title, legends, etc.


  • You can set label, color, URL and tooltip text for every bar
  • Bars can be simple or stacked
  • Legend can be created automatically
  • Data can be loaded with AJAX and can have negative values for simple type
  • Compatible with all major browsers including IE

Developed by Ivan Lazarevic (also the developer of jqBarGraph – jQuery graph plugin); mooBarGraph Plugin is available for download under the MIT style license.  You can find further information, demos & download on mooBarGraph Website.

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