52Framework: HTML5 and CSS3 Framework

52Framework is a web development framework that is aimed at enabling you to implement HTML5 and CSS3 in your projects today. The frameworks is mainly powered by a HTML5 enabling JavaScript file which basically goes to the DOM and generates HTML5 elements. 52Framework is cross browser framework that works on all major browser including IE6.

In addition to JavaScript file, it includes: reset.css (based on Eric Meyers reset with HTML5 elements included); grid.css for helping you with grid based layouts; code.jpg that will add line numbers to the “code” tag; and an optional general.css file containing basic styles.


  • HTML5
    • Use of all the most useful current html5 tags including: header, nav, section, article, footer, and more to come soon (with styling)
    • Use of the all new <!DOCTYPE html> and <html lang=”en”>
    • New input field types: url, email, etc
    • Script embed (JavaScript) using only the script tag without the attribute type
    • Modified Reset Stylesheet for HTML5
  • CSS3
    • Use of the new ::selection selector that enables you to customize the properties of selected text.
    • Rounded Corners for any block level element
    • Text-Shadow for text elements
    • Box Shadow for block level elements
  • Grid CSS
    • 16 column, 52 pixel based with 8 pixel gutter

Developed by Enavu Network; 52Framework is available for download under MIT License.  You can find further information, demos & download on 52Framework Website.

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One Response to “52Framework: HTML5 and CSS3 Framework”
  1. Paulo says:

    It’s a great framework!
    I’v made a template for CMS Made Simple using it.
    For those using CMS Made Simple you can find the theme XML file here: http://52framework.cmsmadesimple-themes.com

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