Expandable Drop Down Ticker

Expandable Drop Down Ticker is a jQuery plugin you can use to create a ticker that can be viewed both sequentially and simultaneously. A drop down menu is automatically generated out of snippets of the ticker contents to let the user navigate the ticker on demand.

Contents of your Drop Down Ticker can be defined either inline on the page, or inside an external file on the same server. External file is fetched using AJAX and the plugin supports re-fetching of this external file periodically, enabling you to push new content by updating the external file.


  • Automatically generates a drop down menu that points to each message within the ticker, using either snippets of the ticker contents, or the “title” attribute of each DIV containing the messages.
  • Contents for the ticker can either be defined inline as regular HTML wrapped around DIV tags, or inside an external file on the server and fetched via Ajax.
  • In Ajax mode, script can be set to re-fetch the external file periodically, such as every 5 minutes. This enables you to push new information to the ticker by updating the external file.
  • Automatic slideshow or manual mode.
  • Ticker pauses onMouseover in automatic slideshow mode.
  • Two different reveal effects to choose from- “slide in” or “fade in”.

Developed by Dynamic Drive; Expandable Drop Down Ticker is available for download for Free. You can find further information, demo & download on Dynamic Drive Website.

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