DOMAssistant JavaScript Library

DOMAssistant is a modular lightweight JavaScript library, with CSS selectors, event handling, AJAX and complete Unicode support. It consists of 6 individual modules (Core, AJAX, Content, CSS, Events, and Load), but only the core DOMAssistant module is required. All other modules are optional, and you can choose to only use the ones you find necessary in your application.

The main concept behind DOMAssistant is to provide a simpler and more consistent way to script against the Document Object Model (DOM) in web browsers. The idea is that everything starts with the element(s) in question, selected through id or CSS selectors, and then perform various methods on it, such as adding or removing classes, events etc.

DOMAssistant is a cross browser JavaScript library that has been tested and verified to work in Internet Explorer 5.5+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari 2, and Opera 9. It utilizes XPath, querySelectorAll and native getElementsByClassName in web browsers that support it, for best performance. It is also optimized to avoid causing memory leaks in Internet Explorer.

Originally developed by Robert Nyman; it is now maintained by Lim Cheng Hong, Pelle Wessman and Gustaf Lindqvist. DOMAssistant is available for download under a MIT License. You can find further information, documentations, plugins and downloads on DOMAssistant Website.

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