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It is hard to believe that jQuery was first released only 4 years ago by John Resig. Today it is the most popular JavaScript framework, powering millions of websites, enjoys a very active community of developers and numerous online resources.

Today jQuery team is celebrating its 4th birthday by releasing jQuery 1.4. This version include several changes and new additions to the framework. W3Avenue has compiled a list of resources for jQuery developers that will help you get up to speed with some of these new features and changes.


  • 14 Days of jQuery
    An online event marking the release of jQuery 1.4. To celebrate, jQuery team will be unveiling 14 releases over a period of 14 days. So be sure to visit each day as another announcement is made and new content is released.
  • jQuery 1.4 Related API
    Here you will find all the aspects of the API that are added, or had a new signature added, in the new version of jQuery.
  • Testing, Performance Analysis, and jQuery 1.4
    In this 1 hours 13 minutes video, John Resig reviews options for testing and performance analysis in JavaScript and previews the significant changes in jQuery 1.4.



Additional Resources

We hope you found this post useful and timely, and remember to share any additional jQuery 1.4 resources for developers that we may have missed. You may also want to checkout following posts:

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3 Responses to “jQuery 1.4 Resources For Developers”
  1. Thanks for these awesome resources. I must say that I am very excited for jQuery 1.4.

    One link you shouldn’t forget is the Media Template jQuery contest: http://mediatemple.net/jquery14/. You can win a year of free hosting or a 13″ MacBook Pro.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks, I used the working with events tutorial to build a tour finder application on my companies site. I also printed out one of the cheat sheets to keep next to me since I don’t use JS very often.

  3. Chris Iona says:

    This is a great article. For those that are interested, I’ve completed some benchmark testing between jQuery 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 at:


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