Coda Slider: Highly Customizable Content Slider

Coda Slider is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create highly customizable content slider. You can use Coda Slider plugin to create multiple content sliders in single page with superb animation effects. Most importantly it is cross browser plugin that even works on IE6.

Coda Slider is very well documented with numerous examples and is fairly easy to implement. You can customize the look and feel using CSS and it offers several configuration options that allow you to control its behavior.


  • Auto Slide: specifies whether slider should move between panels automatically
  • Cross Linking: Allows permanent links to each slider panel via a URL hash
  • Ability to specify a panel that should be loaded first, in the absence of cross-linking
  • Ability to Specify a selector for elements on the page, apart from the usual navigation elements, which should trigger a slide
  • Dynamic Arrows: Places left and right buttons alongside the slider
  • Adjust speed and easing effects
  • Dynamically adjusts slider height according to the height of the content in each panel
  • Ability to Specify whether the tabbed navigation should appear above or below the slider

Developed by Niall Doherty; Coda Slider jQuery Plugin is available for download under Dual MIT and GPL License.  You can find further information, demos & download on Coda Slider Website.

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    thank you for information about Coda Slider , very helpful

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