TomatoCMS: CMS Powered By Zend, jQuery and 960 Grid System

TomatoCMS is an open source content management system developed using Zend Framework, jQuery and 960 Grid System. It follows MVC architecture, object-oriented models and design principles. TomatoCMS also supports plugin/hook architecture allowing developers to easily extend it using their own modules, plugins, hooks or widgets.

TomatoCMS uses 960 Grid System and support templates. Each website can have multiple templates and each template can use many different skins. If you have a little knowledge of CSS, you can easily edit the CSS to customize the look and feel of your TomatoCMS website.


  • You can easily create, customize the layout of your site using Layout Editor
  • Easily add or remove modules
  • Supports Plugin/Hook architecture, helping you to extend the features easily
  • Supports multiple templates and multiple skins for each site
  • Supports multi-language website
  • Friendly customizable URL
  • Supports meta keyword, meta description
  • Tools for building Web Sitemap
  • Supports RSS
  • ACL (Access Control List) allows you to distribute roles and responsibilities

TomatoCMS requires: Apache web server, MySQL database server, version 5.0 or later, PHP version 5.2 or later; You can find further information, demo, documentation & download on TomatoCMS Website.

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One Response to “TomatoCMS: CMS Powered By Zend, jQuery and 960 Grid System”
  1. QoH says:

    Awesome CMS! That’s what I was looking for on ZF. Thanks for a review.

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