jQuery Roundabout & Roundabout Shapes Plugins

Roundabout is a fantastic jQuery plugin that allows you to convert set of HTML elements into highly interactive carousel like group. In its simplest configuration, Roundabout works with ordered and unordered lists, however after some quick configuration, Roundabout can work with any set of nested elements.

When used with Roundabout Shapes, you have the ability to move elements in nine additional styles. Roundabout plugin is highly customizable; you can fully customize the look and feel using CSS. It offers many advance configuration options, enabling you to control animation and style just the way you want.

Both plugins are developed by Fred LeBlanc; and both Roundabout & Roundabout Shapes jQuery Plugins are available for download under BSD License.  You can find further information, demos & download on Roundabout Website.

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  1. Too bad there is no one which is in a circle or ellipse shape….

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