Who-Tweet Button: Display Pictures of People Who Tweet Your Link

Who-Tweet Button is a jQuery plugin that allows you to acknowledge the people who tweet your story by showing their Twitter pictures inside the retweet button. This plugin is using Topsy API which keeps a complete history about Twitter trackbacks of your links.

Adding Who-Tweet button is as simple as adding a div with a “who-tweet” class. Although all arguments are optional, it is better to set your own Twitter username, so when people retweet your link; your nickname appears as the source. Link URL will be automatically grabbed from the page this code is placed in.


  • Display Twitter pictures of people who tweet your link
  • You can show pictures of highly influential users only
  • Display people tweets as a tool-tip when hovering over their pictures
  • Many transition options like opacity, height and width
  • The button is not iframe-based. Which means you can easily customize its style to blend into your theme
  • The button makes use of jQuery DOM-Manipulation (No document.write) for better and optimal integration with your code
  • Use a typical JS call or auto-load any number of div elements that have “who-tweet” class
  • Still, you can display the original retweet buttons -tall or wide- without the Who part

Developed by Mike at MoreTechTips; this jQuery plugin is available for download under Apache License. You can find further information, demos & download on Who-Tweet Button Website.

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  1. Jehnee says:

    this is very cool…

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