Mollify: Simple and Clean Web Based File Manager

Mollify is a web based file manager built using PHP and Google Web Toolkit. It allows multiple user with access to different files and with different permissions. User interface is simple and intuitive, and it comes with following languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Português, Suomi.

In order to install Mollify you need a web server with PHP version 5.2 or later. Client user interface requires JavaScript, DHTML and CSS capable browser, and operates on any modern web browser (IE7+, Chrome, Firefox 2+, Safari, Chrome, Opera).


  • Published directories are fully configurable (including alias), underlying file system structure is not revealed
  • User authentication (optional), each user can have different directories published
  • Optional Database configuration (MySQL)
  • File level user access control, editable from client by admin users
  • Intuitive path bar, shows all parts of the current path and allows changing directly into any folder in any level
  • File and directory details and actions available directly from context popup menu
  • File actions available: download, rename, copy, move and delete
  • Directory actions available: create, move, rename and delete
  • Support for downloading files and folders in zipped format
  • Support for editable file and directory descriptions
  • Multiple file uploading with progress display support
  • File list sortable by columns (name, type, size)
  • Fully customizable UI via CSS files, no styles are “hard-coded”
  • Independent frontend and backend, both implementations can be replaced (communication with HTTP/JSON)
  • Built-in standalone demo mode for demonstration and theme development

Developed by Samuli Järvelä; Mollify is available for download under EPL 1.0 License.  You can find further information, demos & download on Mollify Website.

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2 Responses to “Mollify: Simple and Clean Web Based File Manager”
  1. MrChris says:

    Very nice app. Would be nice if it included an image viewer.

  2. johnandrewsroot says:

    I second the image viewer… I’d also like to see some way to link to a file, otherwise it’s write-out of the entire dir tree just to get a collaborator to a file.

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