QuickChange: Free In-Line Content Editor

QuickChange is simple content editing solution powered by TinyMCE. It’s a perfect content editor for smaller web sites with static content. All you need to do is upload QuickChange to your server, include JavaScript, and apply QuickChange class to the elements you want to make editable.

QuickChange solution does not require any database to work; it uses popular jQuery & jQuery UI for easy styling and AJAX integration. It also uses PHP5+ for file updates, authentication and HTML manipulation.

Installation & Usage

  • Upload QuickChange to your server
  • Edit config.php file
  • Add “qc-edit” class to elements you want to make editable
  • Include jQuery and QuickChange JavaScript files on every page you want to make editable
  • Go to the page you want to edit and press “Ctrl+Alt+E” to login
  • Click a highlighted area and the editor will pop-up
  • Make your edits and press “Ctrl+Alt+E” to logout

Developed by Emir Plicanic; You can find further information, demo & download on QuickChange Website.

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