Create 360 Degree View of Images With jQuery Reel Plugin

jQuery Reel Plugin allows you to display 360 degree view of images without having to use any Flash techniques. All you need to do is collect all rotation frames into a single reel sprite or stitch them together; jQuery Reel plugin will take care of the rest.

jQuery Reel Plugin is a cross browsers script that has been tested in Safari 3+, Firefox 3+, Chrome and IE 5.5+. The syntax is pretty straightforward; plugin exposes just one method, but offers several options you can use to override the default values.


  • Intuitive operation. Supports mouse wheel!
  • No need for a stitched images but it supports them too
  • Plays fair with your existing CSS
  • Browser and operating system agnostic
  • No browser extensions needed. No Flash, nothing
  • Tiny code base

Developed by Petr Vostrel; jQuery Reel Plugin is available for download under Dual MIT and GPL License.  You can find further information, demos & download on jQuery Reel Plugin Website.

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Reader Comments

4 Responses to “Create 360 Degree View of Images With jQuery Reel Plugin”
  1. Roy says:

    Yeah goodluck tryin to get the panoramic view to work as the documentation is minimal

    Very frustrating!

    • Francisco says:

      Hi Roy,

      The example they have on their site is very self-explanatory but I could give you a hand if you still need help.


  2. Ian says:

    Can anyone help All seems so simple. Works well on Google Chrome and FireFox but seems hit and miss on IE6/8 not tried it on IE7. Works with Mousewheel Ok but if you left click then move the mouse it jumps all over the place can I disable/alter something I have changed the value of the senstivity but not much better.

    Another comment is that the Examples on the jQuery Reel Plugin Website. does not work to well on my IE6/7 either.

    My code is below.

    preload.src = object-reel.jpg;
    $('#image').reel({frames: 20,saves: true,senstivity: 20 });

    If anyone has the soloution please put a comment on.

  3. Michael says:

    I love this plugin. Would like to use it in our upcoming store.
    Please check out:

    Any idea how to fix the sizing issue on Iphone and Ipad? If you open this link via mobile devises it shows four images instead of one.

    Thanks so much in advance.


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