CuteTime jQuery Plugin

CuteTime is a customizable jQuery plugin that automatically converts timestamps to formats much cuter (i.e., yesterday, 2 hours ago, last year, in the future, etc). Also has the ability to dynamically re-update and/or automatically update timestamps on a controlled interval.

CuteTime can be used as a function or via selector. If used as a function, returns a string containing a cuteTime version of the provided timestamp. If used by Selector, replaces the text of the provided object with a cuteTime. This makes CuteTime unobtrusive, allowing users to see original timestamp if JavaScript is turned off.

CuteTime Displays

  • the future!
  • just now
  • a few seconds ago
  • a minute ago
  • x minutes ago
  • an hour ago
  • x hours ago
  • yesterday
  • x days ago
  • last month
  • x months ago
  • last year
  • x years ago

You can easily localize or change the setting and display text to mach your own needs. Finally make sure you use timestamps that are fully recognized by the JavaScript Date object’s Parse method in all the IE and FF browser versions you want to support.

Developed by Jeremy Horn; CuteTime jQuery Plugin is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.  You can find further information, demos & download on CuteTime Website.

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One Response to “CuteTime jQuery Plugin”
  1. Colin says:

    Does it have the ability to do the reverse? Parse a cute date/time to read in a professional format. ie. “3 Days Ago” to “10-09-09” or “10/20/2009” etc.

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