JPolite: Front End Portal Framework Based on jQuery

JPolite is a pure front-end portal framework based on jQuery & BlueTrip CSS framework, with a handful of jQuery plugins already integrated. It provides a compact yet powerful foundation for custom AJAX web applications with Netvibes like user experiences.

You can use JPolite as a base for creating complex / customizable websites quickly by separating content, appearance and behavior. JPolite provides the ease of turning an HTML content block into tabbed or accordion control without extra code.


  • BlueTrip CSS framework, with Grid System applied on column layout
  • Gritter as an utility function to notify users
  • jQuery UI controls plus themes, as well as module drag-n-drop
  • A lightweight core with a strong customization system
  • Module Types – various types of modules can be included and applied on modules easily
  • Theme Support – three sample themes with a switcher, “Modern”, “Sliver” and “Classic”
  • Comprehensive Customization guides
  • Layout Persistence – cookie based layout persistence sample, can be customized to save remote store
  • XDO – A RESTful resource presentation layer powered by Chain.js, with messaging and event handling

Developed by Wayne Lee; JPolite is available for download under MIT License.  You can find further information, demos & download on JPolite Website.

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