Create Top or Bottom Sliding Panel With Slide Box

Slide Box is a very lightweight jQuery Plugin that allows you to easily take any DIV and transform it into a top/bottom sliding panel. Slide Box is a cross-browser component that has been tested on Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

You can easily integrate Slide Box into your website with very simple markup and customize its look and feel using CSS. You can control whether you need to slide panel from top or bottom as an options parameter. Additional parameters that you can pass to the plugin include height and width of your sliding panel.

Developed by Samuel Garneau; Slide Box jQuery Plugin is available for download for free without any license restrictions.  You can find further information, demo & download on Slide Box Website.

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One Response to “Create Top or Bottom Sliding Panel With Slide Box”
  1. GC says:

    Great Sliding Panel! Is there a way to have it only slide in when visitor tries to leave the domain, either by closing the window or going to another site?

    Thank you in advance.

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