epiClock: jQuery Plugin to Create and Manage JavaScript Clocks

epiClock is an extremely lightweight jQuery plugin which gives users the ability to easily create and manage any number of JavaScript powered clocks, timers, and stopwatches. It supports custom display options, allowing anything from a plain text clock to static or even dynamic image clocks. You can even change clock configuration on the fly.

Because of epiClock’s ability to create and manage multiple clocks on a single page, the plugin provides the developer with both page level and element level management entry points. In addition, the plugin comes bundled with a prototyped Date object which allows the clock to format an output similar to that of PHP’s date() function.


  • Current Local Time
  • Countdown Clock
  • Countup Clock
  • Rollover Countdown
  • One Shot Timers
  • Looping Timers
  • Time Zone Offsets
  • Arbitrary Offsets

Developed by Eric Garside; epiClock jQuery Plugin is available for download under MIT License.  You can find further information, demos & download on epiClock Website.

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